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Business Overview (Introduction)

Fruit Cultivation in India is a prominent business sector for exporting merchandise and shipping and thus earning a good amount of international revenue for India. Since its independence India has been trying keep pace with the dazzling prospects of exporting commercial business. India is essentially agrarian and rural, with ample scope for lands for farming and cultivation and it has also helped for the cultivation of a large variety of fruits as well as vegetables. India being a home of wide variety of fruits and vegetables holds a unique position in production figures among other countries. However, the old age implements and tools of the Central Indian administration, is being upgraded every fiscal year, a domain which truly looks towards guaranteed future.

India has been perhaps been renamed as the vegetable and fruit basket in the world, a factor that weighs fascinatingly upon the cultivation of fruits in the country. India serves as the home to various kinds of vegetable as fruits, and holds a vital position in the field of productions of fruits and vegetables amidst different countries of the world. India leads the world in the production of mango, banana, and acid lime and in productivity of grapes per unit land area.

Mango is the most important fruit cultivated in the country and banana comes next in rank occupying second position. Citrus fruits rank third in area and production, Guava is the fourth most widely grown fruit crop and Grapes occupies fifth position amongst fruit crops in India. More than 90 percent exports from India move to the western parts of Asia and also to the markets of Eastern Europe. Fresh vegetables and fruits export from India has steadily increased. This amplification list includes products like walnut, fresh grapes, fresh mangos and umpteen other fresh vegetables and fruits. The comprehensive and exhaustive cultivation of vegetables, flowers and fruits is referred to as horticulture.

Horticulture in this country has been thoroughly involved with the cultivation of fruits in India, besides also laying simultaneous stress upon vegetables and gardening of rare plants. Cultivation of fruits in India and in the international scenario, involves the consolidation of wide spectrum of disciplines. As the new technologies and developments have gradually become readily available in the country, the cropping and cultivating systems and production practices have also remained witness to significant metamorphoses..

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